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Jordi Veytia

D'Argenta Sculptor & Artist

He was born in Mexico City in 1992. He graduated from Industrial Design in CENTRO University of Design, Cinema, and Television, where he was awarded for his outstanding performance.
He was involved in the art world from a very early age, discovering his passion for painting; sculpting permeated to him through his grandmother, who always fed his drive for creative exploration.
Through his work, he now explores the relationship between objects and people, the way these become part of our daily life, and how they can improve by creating unique and one-off pieces, always innovating both materials and technological processes.
He has worked on the production and design of different international exhibitions and workshops such as Art Club from Periódico Reforma, La Trastienda, Arte 40 in the Centro Nacional de las Artes, Ethos, Zona Maco, Diseño Contenido in Design Week México, MXCD01 Exposition México Ciudad Diseño Presente in Archivo, in which his work was displayed as both an artist and a designer.

Sculptor Jordi-Veitya


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