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D'Argenta Career Opportunities

A Brilliant Career Ahead

D'Argenta continues to experience exciting growth as a high-style global Home Decor icon with a reputation for the finest statues in gold & silver. Our brand is an international hallmark of quality, and our careers are no exception.

All D'Argenta employees share a number of attributes that are required for success within our organisation. These include a passion for detail  and an understanding of the art of gift gifting, along with a dynamic service-driven personality that enables relationships of lasting value.

Image of Silver Horse Statue, a trotting horse and a green copper base that simulates the grass


Our Sales Professionals embrace the significance of the D'Argenta Experience and are honoured to play such an important role in their customers’ lives. They are naturally curious about their clients and the world around them. They are intent listeners and use the information they glean to do more than the customer expects.


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