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Legendary Employee Recognition

Celebrate your best employees with the best. D'Argenta offers an customized solutions that celebrate sales achievements, length of service, retirement, client relationships and employee recognition.

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An image of a Silver Coca Cola Bottle by D'Argenta
A gold Hersheys Kiss sculpture by D'Argenta
A Gold Kellogs K sculpture
A Silver Sculpture of Ronald McDonalds
Logo of McDonalds in Gold & Silver
McDonalds Fries sculpture with gold fries and a silver bag

The D'Argenta Recognition Program

An excellent way for your company to establish its own recognition tradition, the D'Argenta Recognition Program allows you to designate specific D'Argenta gifts for employee achievements, anniversaries and other milestones.

A gift symbolizing each occasion sets a wonderful and visible recognition tradition in your company.


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The D'Argenta
Gift Card

Give your employees to choose a D'Argenta Art piece with our Gift Card

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