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Horse Race

Custom Trophies & Awards
by D'Argenta

Inspired by the time-honored techniques used in D'Argenta’s workshop, such as sculpting, polishing and plating. 

D'Argenta's silver & gold trophies & awards honor the hand of the artisan and the spirit of innovation.

The silver goddesses awards in silver

For nearly 50 years, D'Argenta artisans have handcrafted custom-designed trophies & awards, the most revered symbols of athletic, cultural and artistic among many achievements in nearly every notable field of mankind.


A long-standing tradition of Mexican craftsmanship, the renowned designs produced at our workshop require many hours of labor, pounds of precious materials and a relentless dedication to craftsmanship. 

Custom Trophies

We are a Custom Trophies Manufacturer for many important events, such as the Florida Derby, Nascar, The Silver Goddess Award, Spotify, Anahuac University various awards among many others.

Florida Derby Trophy Cup

Diosas de Plata

Cinematographic Journalists of Mexico Awards.

The Silver Goddesses is a film award granted annually by the Mexican Film Journalists Association in recognition of professionals and excellence in the Mexican film industry as assessed by the association's voting membership.

Event of the silver goddeses awards
The silver goddesses award
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