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Spotify Awards

The Spotify Awards, winners are based 100 percent on the user-generated data or the patterns and listening habits of Spotify users.

In 2020 for the first time, Spotify launched the Spotify Awards to recognize the artists most listened to by fans. Artists such as J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Banda MS, Julieta Venegas, Christian Nodal, Zoé, Los Ángeles Azules and Cazzu were invited. These awards reflect what users download from the internet and listen to, according to preference, customs and culture.

There where 12 main categories and they are emphatically focused on Mexican and Latin American artists, driven by Spotify’s data on streams, follows and playlist adds in the region. The Mexico focus is clear: the ‘Spotify Artist of the Year’ category was based on data from Mexican Spotify listeners. On top of those 12 categories, there will be 50 more categories that won’t be broadcast, and they really are granular. ‘Most-Streamed Song on Mexican Independence Day’; ‘Most-Streamed Male / Female Artist in Gaming Consoles’; ‘Most-Streamed Mariachi Artist’; ‘Most-Added to LGBTQIA+ Playlists Artists’ and so on, plus dedicated K-Pop categories.

Spotify first touched down on Mexico in 2013, since then Mexico City has become the music streaming capital of the world. The capital city boasts the most listeners on Spotify globally, with more listeners than New York City, London and Paris. “Thanks to streaming and the true audience size of Mexico, users are in the front seat like never before. We decided to celebrate this by recognizing what users love based entirely on their listening." Mia Nygren Managing Director of Spotify Latin America, said.

Spotify Award Trophy

Spotify Award
Mexico City

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