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Mexican Architect, Designer & Organizer of the Olympic Games of Mexico 1968

Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, the architect who changed the face of Mexico City by designing its landmark modernist structures.

Among them are the Mexican Parliament, the Anthropology Museum distinguished by a vast, square concrete umbrella, the Modern Art Museum, the new Basilica of Guadalupe, one of the country’s holiest shrines and the and Azteca Stadium, open since the mid-1960s and home to Mexico’s national soccer team.

In 1965, when Ramírez Vázquez designed the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, then Secretary Don. Antonio Carrillo Flores commissioned to design glassware for such dependence. In short, he built México as we know it today.

We developed a profound relationship with the Architect and his family and decided to share his works of art, originally made in Crystal in silver and 24K gold reproductions. Now we present to you the Pedro Ramírez Vazquéz Collection.


Inspired by the "Glass Pulquero of Tlatelolco" he designed crystal glasses with a similar shape, making a cut that similar to the shape of a maguey.


From this design, he defined that working with glass was just as "making sculpture with light", as it is a material in which transparency makes all sides visible at the same time, and depending on the cuts and reflexes the appearance of a piece of Glass changes, according to the viewer and the lighting it receives.

Before his passing, we developed a great relationship with him and his family, and the idea of making his crystal sculptures into gold statues and silver sculptures came to life. 

Discover the Architects designs with this exquisite limited edition Art pieces.

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