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Oshra Michan

D'Argenta Sculptor & Artist

Oshra Michan was born in Tel- Aviv , August 17th, 1956.

She spent her childhood and youth breathing the mediterranean breeze and feeling the terror of deveral wars.

In 1974 she joins the Israel air force army, finishing her service in 1976 with honorable mention.

This same year she arrives in Mexico and decides to settle in this country of peace, raising here her family.

Oshra studied psychology for five years, enriching her sensitive mind and developing a great need for creating.

In 1992 she enters the free sculpture workshop, under the direction of the wellknown master, Enrique Jolly. The soft curves and strong and decisive cuts of her stylized sculptures, reflects fantasy, sensuality, passion and mistery.

Sculptor Oshra Michan with Ana Bisbal


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