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Lisa S. Castillo

D'Argenta Sculptor & Artist

She was born in Coral Gables, Flo., U.S.A., in 1932. In 1936 her family moved to Sweden.

In 1939 they return to the U.S.A. as war refugees. In 1945 she goes back to Sweden and studies the career of journalistic art.

After completing those studies, she returns to the U.S. in 1956 she studies graphic arts at the University of Syracuse, U.S.A. In 1959 she studies and explores painting, sculpture, music and photography.  In 1959 she gets married to Mr. Antonio Castillo and moves to Taxco, Gro.

Where she studies and explores painting, sculpture, music and photography. In 1977 she moves to Cuernavaca where she performs the techniques of sculpture. She also learns to sing Belcanto at the Regional Institute of Fine Arts.

In 1976 she enters at the school of design and crafts at INBA, Mexico. She studies molding and emptying jewellery into wax molds, under the supervision of her teacher Mateo Martinez.

In 1979 she starts working on Silver and Gold with her teachers Guadalupe Aleman, Benjamin Santarriaga and Miguel Zavaleta.

Sculptor Lisa Castillo


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