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Silver Carrousel Horse Statue

Carrousel Horse Statues

From the charm of the carnival to the elegance of the carousel, our Carrousel Horse Statues exude a timeless allure.

Ride into Refined Elegance

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of yesteryear with D'Argenta's exclusive collection of Carrousel Horse Statues. Here, every sculpture is an ode to the whimsical and romantic spirit of the carousel. Skilled Mexican artisans breathe life into these whimsical carrousel horses, presenting them in luxurious black copper, gleaming silver, and opulent 24K gold finishes. The intricate carvings and thoughtful details of each statue are a testament to the grandeur of classic carousels, promising to bewitch you and your visitors, adding a touch of sophisticated playfulness to any setting.

Our unwavering dedication to excellence and our masterful handcrafting techniques ensure every Carrousel Horse Statue is a showcase of artistic grandeur, capturing the joy and splendor of the carousel's golden age. As you peruse our exquisite collection, be aware that D'Argenta also specializes in bespoke creations. These custom offerings allow you to tailor these delightful icons of nostalgia to reflect your unique taste or to create an unforgettable gift. Step onto the platform of elegance and fantasy with D'Argenta's Carrousel Horse Statues.

D'Argenta Horse Statues Gifts

The culture of horses, featured with prominence in D’Argenta’s exquisite, hand crafted art. The beauty, nobility and discipline of Horses, crafted in detailed Silver & Gold creations. They are unique works that defy the limits of our artists.

The D'Argenta Statue Collection inspiration & taste, emanates from cultures around the world. The D'Argenta Horse Statue collection has different sizes, purposes and styles. Some are big, perfect to decorate entrances, our small figurines, perfect for collections. While the majority will fit any home for display in living rooms, salons & dinning rooms.

The collection features Arabian, Spanish & Carrousel Horses besides Horse busts. Some of the Carrousel Horse Statues brandish original Swarovski Crystals.

D’Argenta artists, breathe life and originality to their works of art. As we strive to give every horse lover something unique, something to remember. The Equestrian community may find in our Collection wonderful horse gifts & prizes.

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