Sylvia Pawa

D'Argenta Sculptor & Artist

Sylvia Pawa was born in Mexico City in 1942.

Between years 1955 to 1962 she studied the art of painting from Professor Arturo Kronengold. 

Later, in 1966 Sylvia learned with Professor Enrique Rebolledo. Her constant restlessness, understanding, and love for painting lead her to discover a personal language to help manifesting her inner beauty. This is how she gets to know the enamel on metal technique, that was learned from Professor Carmen Rojas with who carry out splendid and very delicate work.

Her painting and enamel artwork finally became means of expression for her creativity and love. In most of her work she uses figurative language rather than abstract.In 1992 Sylvia began working with pewter embossing under the teachings of Professor.


Mari Elisa Pérez. With this material, she was able to successfully combine enamel, glass, and wood on her artwork.

From 1965 until 2000 Sylvia participated in multiple exhibitions in which her collective works were presented nationally and internationally. In 1981 and 1983 her work was exhibited in Mexico City at the Alexandra Gallery. She displayed her work in the Mundial Center of Visual Arts in Mexico as well and shortly after, in 1993, she gets to the 10th National and International Meeting of Enamel in Santiago, Chile. Subsequently in 1996 her work was showcased in Cuadros D’Argenta Internacional, which took place in Vancouver, Canada. Later on, in 1999 she took part in the El món de L’esmalt in Ajuntament de Salou Regidoría de Cultura de Tarragona España Lastly, in 1998 and 2000 her artwork was presented in the first and second Bienal Internacional Juguete Arte Objeto in the Jose Luis Cuevas Museum. During the year 2000 Sylvia became part of the Salón Internacional del Esmalte Artístico, which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.