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Día de Muertos Selection

Calaveras or Skulls have are created either for children or as offerings to be placed on altars known as ofrendas for the Día de Muertos, which has roots in the AztecMayan, and Toltec cultural celebration of the Day of the Dead.

The tradition of the Day of the Dead arises as part of religious syncretism, in colonial times. During the pre-Hispanic period, the cult of death was present in different cultures throughout Mexico.

On November 1, All Saints' Day is celebrated according to Catholic tradition. On this date all those who died without being blessed and saints are remembered, as well as those who died at an early age such as children. According to the Catholic religion, on All Souls' Day that takes place on November 2, a prayer is made for those who have not accessed paradise.

In Mexico, the traditions of this celebration include visiting loved ones who have already departed in cemeteries and preparing altars with food, candles, incense, photographs and flowers to remember them. It is only during these days that the souls of loved ones can return from beyond to be close to their own.

Celebrate Day of the Dead or Halloween as you should.
Decorate for the day of the dead with skulls in gold, silver and copper.

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