• A surrealist The Bleeding Roses sculpture in silver & 24K gold, a depiction of Salvador Dalí Painting.
  • Designed and handmade in México.
  • Unique Statue by the surrealist Artist Salvador Dalí.
  • Joint Project by Salvador Dalí Foundation & D'Argenta
  • Official D'Argenta Lifetime Guarantee.
  • A splendid Home Decor gift idea.
  • Ideal for Shelf Decor or Table Decor


A woman embraced to a column. Her white skin and body are suggestive. Her red hair is loose and painted in the Raphaelite way. Her pubis is painted in the shape of a flame and from her belly emerge bloody roses dripping down her legs. It matches the description of "Gradiva" by Jensen; a story in which the surrealists would have inspired many times and from which Sigmund Freud had written an Essay. To the right side of the woman, a shadow can be seen. Everything in this creation takes us into a dream world, where Dalí_ moves and tries to direct his childhood fears and above all, his taboos and sexual phobias, responding to an approach to reality as something transcendental in his visible ways. It is an honor to be able to work with his masterpieces and share them around the world.

The Bleeding Roses by Salvador Dalí

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  • Width: 20 cm Depth: 15 cm Height: 33 cm; 4.80 kg.

    Width: 7.8 in Depth: 5.9 in Height: 12.9 in ; 10.58 lb.

    Perfect for Shelf Decor & Table Decor

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