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Gold Cuauhtemoc Statue

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Orí_genes is a Limited Edition Collection, it is a reinterpretation of the main prehispíçnico figure that ruled, developed and gave life to one of the most prosperous empires of the Mesoamerican history, CUAUHTíŠMOC. This pieces was designed with the aim to memorialize the Company's history, going back to its origins. 40 years ago, Ernesto Abraham (D'Argenta's founder) created the first piece with his own hands, recognized worldwide till today. This story begins with a prehispanic sculpture, a representation of Pakal's face, which became an iconic piece that shared the beauty of Prehispanic Mexico.

  • Product Care

    D'Argenta Statues & Home Decor products are to be cleaned only with a soft piece of cloth to remove any dust. No metal polishers or cleaning agents should be used.

    D'Argenta Statues & Home Decor Products  are protected by a strong lacquer that prevents silver tarnishing and protects it as a whole. 

  • Aztec Art History

    Aztec Art was an important part of the Aztec lifestyle. They used some forms of art such as music, poetry, and sculpture to honor and praise their gods. Other forms of Aztec art, such as jewelry and feather-work, were worn by the Aztec nobility to set them apart from the commoners. Discover The Aztec Art in  stunning & unique Statues in Gold, Silver & Copper.

  • Size, Weight & Other

    W: 23 cm D: 45 cm H: 53 cm; 36.00 kg.

    W: 9 in D: 17.7 in H: 20.8 in ; 79.37 lb.

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