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Do we ship Worlwide?

Yes, we do! There may be instances which unfortunately may lead to an unsuccesfull delivery and are outside our control. But worry not, we will let you know if there's any update.

Do you offer Free Shipping?

Yes we do, all our orders above $10,000 have complimentary shipping. Sometimes we may offer Free Shipping for special ocations, if you want to stay updated, please suscribe. We only send one mail every 3 months.

Art Pieces & Home Decor

What are your products made of?

Gold, SIlver & Copper. All of our pieces use the most high quality materials to offer you only the best. All of our Statues & Home decor products are covered with a special lacquer wich protects them from humidity.

Are your products Handmade?

Yes they are! All of our Statues & Home Decor products are thoroughly worked by more than 80 people that belong to our family, D'Argenta. Our sculptors work tirelessly to design brand new pieces every day, with polishing and perfection ocurring daily to perfect our designs.

How should I Care for my Home Decor products & Statues?

All of D'Argenta Home Decor products & Statues are protected by a tough lacquer that will prevent corrosion and minor damage to the pieces. You should only clean them with a damp and soft cloth. Do not use cleaning agents or metal polishers, they destroy the protective layer and by doing so, your D'Argenta Lifetime Guarante is voided.

Can you Repair my Statue or Home Decor Product?

Yes we can! Every Home Decor product & Statue come with the D'Argenta Lifetime Guarantee which covers manufacturing problems. However, if the sculpture is broken or not taken care as noted in our Guidelines, you will need to be charged for the repair. Anyway, we can most of the time fix your product.

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