• dargenta-silver-sculpture-mexican-elite-gold-sun-moon El Sol y la Luna – FK04
    USD $4,066

    El Sol y la Luna – FK04

    Frida Kahlo
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  • dargenta-silver-sculpture-mexican-elite-gold-viva-life-vida Viva la Vida – FK05
    USD $1,502

    Viva la Vida – FK05

    Frida Kahlo
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  • flower-pot-vase-silver-dargenta-sculpture-gold-cacti-cactus Cactus – C06
    USD $259

    Cactus – C06

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  • cross-silver-catholic-religious-dargenta Cross on the Rock – RV05
    USD $3,118

    Cross on the Rock – RV05

    Ramirez Vázquez
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+ D'argenta

Situated in Mexico City and with more than 35 years of experience, D’Argenta is the creator of the world’s finest silver, copper and gold plated sculptures.

Ranging from their world-renowned Feline sculptures, to their Prehispanic collection, D’Argenta has always incorporated a rich historical background into each silver sculpture. D’Argenta is now principal exporter to more than 30 countries worldwide.

D’Argenta has been a pioneer in the creation of silver sculptures by introducing a new technique that combines cold casting and electroforming. This new advancement enabled D’Argenta to achieve high quality in silver pieces that will last a lifetime.

Every luxury silver sculpture by D’Argenta will elevate every home decoration to a sophisticated and unique style. They are the perfect complement for your interior design and make elegant presents as objets d’art.

All of D’Argenta’s silver creations are made by highly skilled and famed Mexican sculptors with love for their art. With great care for detail, every artist seeks to achieve perfection in their sculptures, knowing that the D’Argenta has great quality standards they must meet.

D’Argenta has always encouraged unique artistic expression and has always continued a close involvement with the people involved in the creation of a piece for every step of the way. This way, D’Argenta ensures a fluid and secure process for every sculpture made.

D’Argenta has had the honor of sculpting pieces and working side by side with Mexico’s most celebrated personalities. In the Elite Collection, Frida Kahlo’s “Viva la Vida”, “La Columna Rota”, “El Sol Y La Luna” and “Frida, Así Soy Yo” famous pieces are featured. Additionally, celebrated Mexican architect Pedro Ramírez Vásquez’s abstract sculptures are also showcased in the collection.